granted projects

Shoulder to Shoulder

Ratri Notosudirdjo

‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ is a movement and sound piece that looks at the body’s performed language in modern work conditions. The work explores the involuntary actions of our bodies as a language and through the performance create a surreal landscape and a re-interpretation of the work place.


Murat Ali Cengiz

‘Microcosm’ is a project about creating performance installations in buildings of important heritage. The project aims to introduce artistic performances into these spaces by building unique temporary stages using sustainable, non-invasive materials.

Portraits of my holocene holiday

Charlotte Gillain en Zak Lennard

‘Portraits of my holocene holiday’ is a thought-provoking and interdisciplinary exploration of human intimacy in times of environmental decay. Follow different characters in a world where the normal is catastrophised and the catastrophic has become a normality.

Royalty meets the panic of memories

Mugisha Frank en Michael Rhebergen

With an interdisciplinary and transmedia performance about intergenerational trauma – ‘Royalty meets The Panic of Memories’ – Mugisha Frank and Michael Rhebergen move along the traces of Rwanda’s painful history and various personal experiences. An exploration of both Michael, the young people he spoke to and Frank’s very poignant and personal story. In an amalgamation of music, dance, spoken word, photography and video, visitors are drawn into a story about how trauma is passed on to future generations and how it can be addressed.