amarte studio concerts

Amarte Studio Concerts is a music platform dedicated to supporting and highlighting talented artists. With sessions recorded at unique venues such as De Roode Bioscoop, Studio 150 Bethlehemkerk or the Birdhouse Studios, Amarte Studio Concerts offers high-quality live concerts with eclectic but mostly experimental programming focused on four main genres: pop, jazz, classical and world.

First application round Amarte Studio Concerts 2023: from 18 January to 1 February.

Amarte Studio Concerts

Attention up-and-coming talent: a new application round for Amarte Studio Concerts starts from 18 January to 1 February. You can apply to perform at one of our venues: De Roode Bioscoop, Studio150/Bethlehemkerk or the Birdhouse Studios in collaboration with Steppin Into Tomorrow. An independent jury, consisting of colleagues from the music world, will assess your application.


When you apply for a concert at Amarte Studio Concerts, you should take the following schedule into account:

  • Concerts at Studio150/Bethlehemkerk will be scheduled between March and July 2023.
  • Concerts at De Roode Bioscoop are scheduled between 20 and 30 April 2023.
  • Concerts at Birdhouse Studios are scheduled between March and July 2023.

Promotional material

In addition to the concert, we would like to help you with good quality promotional material of your performance:

  • If you choose Studio150/Bethlehemkerk, your entire concert will be recorded and streamed live.
  • De Roode Bioscoop will make a short video recording of some highlights from your concert.
  • The Birdhouse Studios will create for you a studio-quality audio mix and accompanying video of a song from your concert of your choice in collaboration with platform Steppin Into Tomorrow.

Financial contribution

The total contribution depends on the size of the group. A contribution of €300,- is granted per musician without VAT. Keep in mind that you have to withdraw 9% of this in your income declaration.

There is no minimum or maximum number of members per group, however, the budget to be divided is calculated on an average group size of 3 to 5 musicians. If there are many entries consisting of large groups, this may affect the selection of the jury. The number of musicians that make up the group / applicant is determined at the time of application and can not be changed after sending the application. If you will still perform with a different number of group members, you must make this known to the Amarte Foundation and the location where you will perform.


Below we list the general guidelines that we use when assessing the applications.

  • The applicant is a professional musician/artist. This is tested on the basis of your Chamber of Commerce registration.
  • Although there is no age limit to apply, we find that in practice the emphasis is on young creators.
  • The application is for a concert at De Roode Bioscoop, Studio150/Bethlehemkerk or Birdhouse Studios in the period March to July 2023.


  • The preferred location will be filled in on the application, however, the location may differ from the pre-selected location if this is appropriate for practical reasons.
  • The date of the performance is determined in consultation with the location. Look above under the heading ‘Schedule’ for the planning per location.
  • The concert is registered for promotional purposes. The artist remains the owner of all rights arising from this at all times and receives the recorded material in consultation with the location after the performance.
  • Each location records the performance in its own way. See above under the heading ‘Promotional material’ how the concerts are registered per location.
  • Amarte Studio Concerts brings the artist into contact with the location when the application has been granted. The artist himself is responsible for a fruitful and good cooperation with the location and the associated aspects. The artist must comply with the directions of the location and is partly responsible for the end result. The better and faster the communication, the better the preparation and the end result.


  1. Click on: Apply to enter the online application environment. Here you click on register and enter your email address. You will receive a password. With your email address and your password you can then log in.
  2. You start a new application by clicking on the plus icon. Here you select “ASC request” to open your application form. This form is the basis of your application. You can save your application in the meantime to continue later on.
  3. Fill in the form as complete as possible and upload the requested attachments (2 press photos and an extract from the Chamber of Commerce). The maximum file size is 20Mb. You can provide links to YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud in your application. We do not accept downloadable links to documents in a Dropbox or Drive. Requests without a link to the music that can be streamed (i.e. not downloaded) will not be processed.
  4. Once you’ve reviewed your request, click submit. You will immediately receive a confirmation of receipt.
  5. Your application will be assessed by the project manager. If your application meets all the formal criteria, you will receive an email with your reference number.
  6. The advisory committee will process your application. Keep an eye on your mailbox. Sometimes the advisory committee needs some more information to assess your application. In that case, the project manager will contact you.
  7. After about 6 weeks you can expect the decision in your mailbox.


If your application has been granted, you will receive a message via e-mail. After signing the agreement you receive, the concert will be scheduled in good consultation. Approximately 2 weeks after the concert you will receive the granted contribution in the bank account you filled in. You won’t have to send an invoice for this. The amount that is transferred is not increased by VAT. If we have not received a signed and fully completed agreement, we cannot proceed to payment.


If your application has been rejected, you will also receive this result by e-mail. The decision is final and Amarte will not comment on the content of the decision. Of course you are welcome to register again as soon as a new application round is opened.

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