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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions. Have another question? Please email us at


How do I apply?

Click here for the steps you need to take to submit an application. Click on “Apply”. A new tab will open where you can register to submit an application through our application system. You cannot submit an application through email.

What is the deadline for submitting an application?

Applications are reviewed every month. In general you will receive a decision letter within 6 weeks after submitting an application. Because this is a relatively short amount of time, we do not work with deadlines for submitting an application.

Do I qualify for a financial contribution from Amarte?

We cannot review the content of your project before you have submitted an application. We can, however, help you to see if your application fits the guidelines of Amarte. Please send a short description of the project (max. 1 A4) and your question to

My project is multidisciplinary. Which discipline should I choose?

Pick the discipline that best fits your project. If necessary, we make sure that your application is also read and reviewed by other relevant advisory committees.

Can I also apply for funding at other foundations while applying at Amarte?

Yes, you can. If Amarte’s contribution is not sufficient to cover the entire budget, you should look for sources of other funding. In your application you are asked how you are planning to cover the rest of the costs.

Can I call Amarte?

It is not possible to call Amarte. If you have a question that is not answered on our website, please send us an email at If your question is too difficult to answer through email, we will contact you.

I'm not great at writing. What should I do?

I’m not great at writing. What should I do?

In the application form you are asked to describe your project. Here you can also provide us with a link to a video on Youtube or Vimeo in which you present yourself and describe the project in a video.

I'm not sure if I need the support or coaching of an expert yet, what should I answer in the application form?

Answer ‘yes’ where asked if you would like to be connected to an expert. Please also write that you would like to discuss this further with us. If your application is granted, we will contact you to discuss the various possibilities. You can always still tell us you actually prefer not to work with an expert.
In case you realize at a later stage you actually could use some help in the development of your project, you can contact us and we can still connect you to somebody who can help.

What are material costs that are directly connected to the project?

These are materials or items that you only buy for the execution of this project. We understand that this often is not entirely black and white, but we ask you to be reasonable and only request a financial contribution for material costs directly linked to the project. You may need a laptop or desk for your project, but we see this as an investment you make as an entrepreneurial artist. However, costs such as props, costumes, paint, building materials etc. can be part of the budget you apply for.