Tumult is a new international quintet put together by bassist Matteo Mazzù, featuring some of Amsterdam’s upcoming creative musicians.

Sitting somewhere between a modern jazz band and a postrock act, Tumult’s music combines daring melodies with floating atmospheric landscapes and dualguitar attacks.

Thanks to the Amarte Foundation, Tumult will be able to prepare a completely new repertoire of original music in the coming months. While working to further affirm their band sound, Tumult will also film and
record three of the new pieces in late 2021. Keep an eye out for the release of the videos, and catch Tumult live in 2022!

Tumult is:
Hristo Goleminov (PT): Tenor saxophone
Fabien Vuattoux (FR): Electric guitar
Massimo Imperatore (IT): Electric guitar
Ilia Rayskin (NL): Drums
Matteo Mazzù (BE): Electric bass, Compositions