Amarte understands that the creation of new work requires time and space for experimentation, research, and development. To allow artists this time and space to create, Amarte also supports projects that are still in a developmental stage, when the outcome is still unsure.

Here you will find a number of Amarte’s guidelines in reviewing applications:

  • The applicant is a professional in the field of film, theatre, music, visual arts, or literature, or a combination of these disciplines.
  • The project and/or developmental period has a beginning and an end.
  • Amarte likes to be reached out to early on in the creative process – applications for projects in a later creative stage therefore have a smaller chance of being granted.
  • Amarte aims to support the creative development of artists. Cultural organizations can therefore solely submit an application in collaboration with and on the initiative of an individual creative/artist.
  • Amarte particularly intends to be there for creatives who fall through the cracks at regular cultural foundations. Applications for large-scale projects for which the applicant relies on other foundations to cover a large part of the total budget therefore have less priority at Amarte.
  • While there is no age limit, our experience is that applications from younger creatives are more frequently granted.
  • Amarte prefers applications for smaller-scale projects with a maximum total budget of €50.000.
  • Amarte does not provide grants to solely cover study fees, scholarships, or organizational costs.
  • Amarte does not support any projects related to studies and/or scholarships. Amarte solely covers classes or courses if these are a part of the project or the developmental grant for which is applied.
    Applications with educational purposes only will not be granted.
  • Amarte does not grant applications that are solely aimed at covering material costs, unless these are a part of the expenses of a larger project.
  • Amarte does not provide grants for organizational costs.

Our guidelines may vary between disciplines. Check the page of your discipline before you start your application.

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