You can now apply to Amarte Fonds Literature (deadline October 31st)!


Jazz band Vondelier received a grant from Amarte for their debut album!

Vondelier is a jazz band with the unusual line-up of vocals, two guitars and double bass. William Barrett writes the music for Vondelier together with Amsterdam poet Mark Opfer. Mark’s lyrical lyrics and Williams jazz compositions are forged into a musical work. In the fall of 2020, Vondelier recorded her debut album in the legendary studio Fattoria Musica. Eight rock-solid pieces of music came to life there. In the summer of 2021, Vondelier will present its first record “Vondelier”.

How do you keep your humanity in an increasingly less human world?

Nothing connects us more than language. We have been read about it, use it to make the best
friendships and express our love with it. After making many trips,
repairing houses together and reading each other poetry, poet Mark Opfer and composer
William Barrett found a symbiosis in music and language. With clear, warm sounds and narrative texts Vondelier creates a world in which you step into a dreamy adventure.

The music is brought to life by Laura Dooge (vocals), William Barrett (double bass), Gijs
Idema & Linus Eppinger (guitar).