Open call - Cinekid x Amarte

Open call – Cinekid x Amarte

Are you a game developer, interactive installation maker, A.I. specialist, XR developer, creative coder or otherwise bring together different forms of media? And is your work suitable for children aged 4 to 14? Then we are looking for you! Cinekid & Stichting Amarte Fonds are looking for creators who want to create a new immersive and interactive new media work for the Cinekid MediaLab 2023. Read more about this open call below. Do you want to apply? Fill out the application form on the website of Cinekid. The application deadline is Sunday, April 2, 2023.

Photo by Bete van Meeuwen / Bete Photography.


For who?

The open call is aimed at innovative creators of innovative media. These are makers based in the Netherlands whose work represents an innovation in their practice, for example by choosing a new medium or exploring the boundaries of an existing medium. The work must be immersive, interactive and new media works such as online experiences, games, physical installations, live performances, innovative film screenings or outdoor experiences on location made for a young target group (4-14 years old), in addition it must connect to the theme of the year: “is this real?”. It may be either fiction or non-fiction, but the works must wonder or amaze and bring new insight through the mix of art, media and technology.

What to expect?

Cinekid and Amarte offer one creator or one maker collective an amount of €12,000 (including fee, material, technical and presentation costs) to develop an interactive work for the MediaLab under the guidance of Cinekid.

The project will be shown in the MediaLab at the main location of Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam Noord during the autumn vacations. The creator will think about a matching workshop in the Cinekid MediaLab and participate in the Cinekid for Professionals program. All creators who submitted a work will be invited to a network meeting of the MediaLab during Cinekid Festival in October.

About the Cinekid MediaLab

In the Cinekid MediaLab, children explore the latest interactive installations, VR, AR, workshops, games & apps by internationally renowned artists and new talent. The MediaLab uses new media, art & technology to offer different perspectives and playfully seeks to connect with current social, cultural and societal themes.

Each year, the MediaLab works with an innovative and current theme. This year’s theme is “is this real?” and playfully demystifies the world of Artificial Intelligence, deepfake video and fake news.


A selection committee consisting of Amarte and Cinekid will select one project. An interview with the nominees for a brief explanation may follow. The results will be announced 4 weeks after the deadline.

How to apply

You can apply for the open call until April 2, 2023. Click on this link and use the form to submit a project. Before submitting, please read the regulations. For further information about submitting a project, please contact Leonieke Verhoog, Head of MediaLab at Cinekid (


Below is an explanation of the requested attachments:

  • Attach a project plan. The maximum length of your project plan is 2 pages (A4). The PDF should be a maximum of 8MB. Briefly describe in your project plan the following: title, content description of the work, reason; what is your artistic starting point with this work, outline; how will you realize it and what technique(s) and presentation form(s) will you use? Plan of action and results, what and how will you do it and when is your work successful? Finally, include at least one image of the work, this can be a sketch or an artist impression or a photo of already realized (part) of your work or a link to an online video.
  • Include a schedule. The maximum length of your planning is 1 page (A4). The maximum size of the PDF is 4MB. With the planning you provide insight into the steps you are going to take to carry out your project and how much time is needed. Please note, Cinekid Festival takes place in October 2023 and the deadline for the completed work is in September so that the Junior Crew can test the work and the work can be completed.
  • Include a budget. The maximum length of your budget is 1 page (A4). The PDF should be a maximum of 4MB. The budget provides a realistic picture of the estimated costs and revenues directly related to the implementation of your project. The breakdown of costs should allow the jury of the Cinekid x Amarte Open Call to assess your underlying calculations and estimates. With a view to a healthy and future-proof labor market in the cultural and creative sector, you must adhere to the five principles of the Fair Practice Code for all work related to the subsidized project and pay a fair fee as a principal. If you deviate from the Fair Practice Code (, state the reason. Also state whether you budgeted inclusive or exclusive of VAT. This is depending on whether or not you are subject to VAT. Draw up your budget in whole euros.
  • Attach a portfolio of your work. The maximum length of your portfolio is 3 pages (A4). The maximum size of the PDF is 12 MB.